Saturday, April 20

Six board members unhappy with decisions of CAN

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu – Six board members of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the working style of the cricket governing body of Nepal. Organizing a press conference in the capital on Wednesday, the six board members accused that the CAN is not running as per the rules and system.

The disgruntled board members who protested against the working style and decisions of CAN include central member Chumbi Lama, Amit Bir Pandey, Rishi Ram Gautam, Mohammad Daud Ansari, Karan Mahatara and Sanjay Raj Singh.

They accused the CAN leadership of taking decisions without presenting the agenda in executing committee meetings. They said that the board members themselves had to get updated about CAN decisions through press statements.

CAN is holding its second Annual General Meeting in Dhangadhi on December 29-30. However, the disgruntled board members of CAN reminded that 20 districts have not been able to hold their general convention after completing their four-year term more than a month ago. They were of the view that the CAN should hold its general convention only after holding the district-level conventions.

They accused the CAN leadership of not writing down the decisions on the same day of the executive meeting and of not informing the members about the decisions in the next meeting. In such context, they argued that they are not given a chance to express their views despite having reservations. They said that CAN is running on the whims of the leadership instead of running in a system.

They also accused CAN of hiring employees without setting up any quota. According to the board members, they have not been informed about the responsibilities and salaries of those hand-picked employees.

CAN has not been able to announce its annual calendar till date. It seems that CAN is busy organizing tournaments sponsored by the National Sports Council and the municipality. CAN has not been able to organize national-level tournament itself despite the election of a new leadership two years ago.

Stating that the action taken against the then captain Gyanendra Malla, vice captain Dipendra Singh Airee, Sompal Kami and Kamal Singh Airee was unjust, board member Gautam said that the players have every right to questing the system of grading the players.

“The players can speak for their rights. They haven’t talked about anything else. They do not deserve such action for speaking for the rights,” said Gautam.

CAN had recently taken disciplinary action against Malla and three other players for speaking about the grading of players with a local media. Malla was removed from the post of national team captain while vice captain Airee was also relieved off his duties. All four players were denied central contract for six months of 2022. Board members of CAN are themselves divided over the action taken against the players.

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