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Coach Vincenzo aims to build young team with an eye on ‘GOALS’

Subas Humagain, Kathmandu

Italian Coach Vincenzo Alberto Annese has been unveiled as the new head coach of the Nepal National Football Team. Despite coming to Nepal two weeks ago, Annese took attended several matches in the ongoing Martyr’s Memorial A Division League before appearing publicly for the first time. ANFA confirmed Annese has penned a year contract with FA just this week.

Annese, who arrived from Indian Super League club Northeast United claimed he was waiting for an opportunity to coach Nepal for last two years and had been following the team closely. ‘Honestly, I was waiting this opportunity long time back. I have been following Nepal in the last 2-3 years. It was my big dream to come here. And Because the face and national team is, can improve my career. I dream to be high coach and not to stop only in this for now, this is I think is the Best point of my career. Because the head of national team initial, it’s it’s important. It’s a big responsibility and I wish I can do the best for this country and the best for my career,’ he said.

Annese in his previous duty faced stars of current National Team like Rohit Chand and Kiran Chmejong in his career. Rohit Chand was MVP of Indonesia’s top tier in 2018 when he starred in Persija Jakarta’s league victory. Rohit was on the winning side against Annese’s PSIS Semarang in both fixtures. Similarly, Kiran faced Annese’s Gokulam Kerala during iLeague.

On knowing about Nepali football, Annese said, ‘I have met some players when I was in Indonesia and India. Also, in the last A few days that I’m here I have studied players from the A Division League. I think there is big potential in players we have. And I believe that we, we can do a great job with these players.’

With more than two dozen players with National Team cap leaving the country in recent times, Annese is not worried about lack of quality in players available. Instead he feels the lack of experience could be the factor and aims to develop that in coming days.

‘What I saw is there is not so much challenge about the quality of the player. I think the the big challenge is to get experience to the player that will reach national team. I know many player have gone abroad and we need to face a new team.’

‘We will have new players and for sure new strategy with me. This is about most of all the experience, how you go progressing with the quality of the player. Experience, we don’t buy in supermarket. The player they need to play to get the experience. This is is a big risk but we need to take this risk to improve the football in Nepal.’

Annese knows a drastic change at once is call too far. With many players leaving the country, the Italian coach aims to take things step by step.

‘I started a few days back. We will have a tournament as soon as possible. And, we know that the change completely all player in the new team, it will be danger for us.’

‘I never speak about team by myself. I I love to speak about team the team in general. So we need to be calm and we need to select the right player. We need to also to take the older player that was was already national team and I think a step-by-step we can change something. But we need to be very calm and quiet to to change. Drastic change together will be a bit (hard). We already need to change because many player they left so it’s step by step.’

Annese also said he is in no mood to call the players who have gone abroad and not play professionally. ‘I think the person that leave the country, I don’t know the real situation of them. I’m in contact with them and will get more information about them. But I think if a player leaves for amateur club and not play professional league. I think it’s important to select the player that I saw play.

‘In my life all the time I work with player I see with my eyes. You give me suggestion, No problem but I will make decision and I will choose the best. Also is a great opportunity for this young guys to be promoted to the national team of Nepal.’

Annese in his previous duties emphasized in attacking football. He is in no mood to change that when taking over the national team. He also feels there could be some changes made in the domestic football in terms of coaching part.

‘The scoreline in domestic football is a bit slim. 1-1, 2-1, 1-0 and only one 3-3. I think we need to improve on that part. Also the playing time, I see a lot of players going down and taking time off the game. For this, the players, coaches and referees should act on it.’

‘I’m a very quiet person. But I have strong personality inside, I’m strong with the players. I know this is a big challenge and the players will follow me 100%. Regarding the attitude, attitude of my player must be attacking. I love attacking football. and I want more goals. There are players that I can work on.’

Talking about his goal, Annese said he was in Nepal to win, like everywhere else. ‘The goal in each contract in my life, It’s always to win. I want to win as a or as many game I can.’

Annese was curious about the league fixtures and the lack of recovery time available to the players. He also added the physical condition of players needed to improve and said the fixtures could be the key in maintaining that.

Annese for now has planned to work with local support staffs. He also added the antics with previous coach means nothing to him and he is not paying attention towards those part.

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