Sunday, December 3

Madesh Province marks the winning start

By a Staff Reporter

Madesh Province began its Prime Minister Cup One Day National Cricket Tournament campaign defeating Province 1 by 72 runs.

In a match played at Mulpani Cricket Ground, Province 1 won the toss and invited Madesh Province to start with batting. Madesh collected 214 runs before getting all dismissed in 48.1 overs.

Anil Sha played the highest innings of 61 runs off 89 deliveries. Bibek Yadav added 32 runs to the total, Rupesh Singh (30), Rohan BK (28), Harishankar Shah (15), Imran Sheikh (6), Mohammad Adil Alam (7), Bishal Shusling (3), Pradip Paswan (1), and Rajesh Yadav collected 3 runs.

Firdosh Ansari of Province 1 ended up with a five wickets haul. While Siddhant Lohani took 3 wickets, Sarwan Yadav and Luv Kamat took one each.

Province 1 failed to grab off the winning target of 215 runs. 2 wickets each from Mohammad Aadil Alam, Rupesh Singh, Pradip Paswan, and Bishal Shusling and a piece from Rajesh Yadav stopped Province 1 for 142 runs in 43.1 overs.

Middle-order batsman Luv Kamat collected the highest of 29 runs for Province 1. Niraj Mukhiya (6), Ankit Subedi (0), Minash Thapa (12), Sonu Ansari (10), Bibek Anand Mehta (25), Firdosh Ansari (22), Sonu Mandal (11), and Sarwan Yadav got dismissed for 0. Dipak Joshi remained unbeaten for 11 runs.

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