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Women’s Euro 2022: Teams, Key players and Winning Chances

The wait is over. The festival of this summer, woman’s euro is here. This event will be held on Home of Football : England from 6th to 31st July across nine cities.

After 2005, for the first time England is hosting such major competition. Sixteen team will be participating on this tournament. The opening match will be played  on 6th July  where host England will take over Austria.

Here is all you need to know about WEURO 2022.

Group A: England, Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland


Manager : Sarina Wiegman

Players to watch : Ellen white ( all time top scorer), Lucy Bronze, Leah Williams, Beth mead, Lauren Hamp

Best ever euro finish : Runner-up of 1984,2009

Chance of winning : 5/5


Manager : Irene Fuhrmann

Players to watch : Nicola Billa , Sarah Zadrazil, Laura Feiersinger

Best ever euro finish : Semifinal in euro 2017

Chance of winning: 2/5


Manager : Martin sjogren

Player to watch: Ada Hegerberg, Caroline Graham Hansen

Best ever euro finish :  Winner of  1987, 1993

Chance of winning : 3/5

Northern Ireland

Manager :  Kenny Shields

Player to watch :  Rachel Furness

Best ever euro finish : Playing their first ever major tournament

Chance of winning: 1/5

Group B : Germany, Denmark,Spain,Finland


Manager : Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

Players to watch: Lea Schuller, Jule Brand, Klara Buh, Lena Oberdorf

Best ever euro finish: Won in 1989,1991,1995,1997,2001,2005,2009,2013

Chance of winning: 5/5


Manager : Lars Sandergard

Player to watch :  Pernille Harder

Best ever euro finish : Runner-up 2017

Chance of winning: 3/5


Jorge vildo

Player to watch: Alexia putellas, Mapi Leon

Best ever euro finish : Quater finlas in 2013,2017

Chance of winning: 5/5


Manager : Anna Signeul

Player to watch  : Linda Sallstrom

Best ever euro finish : Semi-final in 2005

Chance of winning: 1/5

Group C: Netherlands , Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland

Netherlands :

Manager : Morks parson

Players to watch : Vivianne Miedema , Lieke Martens, Jill Roord

Best ever euro finish  : Champions of 2017

Chance of winning: 5/5

Sweden :

Manager : Peter Gerhardson

Player to watch : Fridolina Rolfo , Stina Blackstenius

Best ever euro finish: winner of 1984

Chance of winning: 5/5

Portugal :

Manager : Francisco Neto

Players to watch : Ines Pereira, Jessica Silva

Best ever euro finish : Group stage

Chance of winning : 1/5

Group D : France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland


Manager: Corinne Diacre

Players to watch: Wendie Renard , Marie-Antoinette Katoto

Best ever euro finish: Quater finals in 2009, 2013, 2017

Chance of winning : 5/5


Manager : Milena Bartolini

Players to watch : Cristiana Girelli , Aurora Galli

Best ever euro finish: Runner-up of 1993

Chance of winning: 2/5


Manager : Ives Serneels in charge since 2011

Players to watch : Janice Cayman, Tine De Caigny

Best ever euro finish:

Chance of winning : 2/5


Manager : Thorstein Halldorsson

Player to watch : Sara Bjork , Sveindis Jane Jonsdottir

Best ever euro finish: Quater finals 2013

Chance of winning: 2/5 

An Article Prepared by Bhawana Ghimire

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