Tuesday, July 23

TS Thakuri Appointed FICTS’ Nepal Representative

TS Thakuri, the visionary behind the Nepalgunj Marathon, has assumed the role of Nepal representative for the Federation of International Cinema Television Sports (FICTS).

His appointment, confirmed during a board meeting at FICTS’ Milan headquarters, is poised to contribute significantly to the promotion of sports culture in Nepal.

Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FICTS champions the values of sports and underscores the socio-cultural significance of the Olympic and Paralympic Games across 130 member states. The organization hosts twenty international sports film festivals spanning five continents, with its flagship event taking place annually in Milan.

TS Thakuri’s documentary ‘Player City,’ co-directed with journalist Janak Nepal, was previously selected and screened in Milan. Reflecting on his recent appointment, Thakuri expressed gratitude for the opportunity extended by FICTS to enhance Nepal’s international standing, particularly in the realms of sports and tourism promotion.

“FICTS emphasizes the promotion of sports culture through the recognition of sports-related movies, documentaries, television footage, sports photos, and articles. Our collaboration allows us to tap into a global network, promoting sports culture through film festivals and award ceremonies,” Thakuri stated.

During the recent 8th Mass Participation World (MPW) Conference in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Thakuri marked a historic presence as the first Nepali participant. Notably, he represented Nepalgunj Marathon at the 23rd World Congress of the Association of International Marathon and Distance Race (AIIMS) in Osaka, Japan, last February, making it the first Nepali entity to join AIIMS.

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