Sunday, April 14

Robinho jailed for 9 years

Former Real Madrid forward Robinho was sentenced to nine years in prison by the Italian Court of Appeal in Milan.

Robinho was accused of engaging in the gang rape of a young woman at a nightclub in the northern city of Italy in 2013. Robinho and his friend, Ricardo Falco, were accused of raping an Albanian girl who was celebrating her 23rd birthday in a well-known Milan venue.

With a nine-year prison term handed down by the judiciary, the Brazilian international was convicted of rape in2017, as outlined by The Guardian. But his appeal process with the Italian courts has been continuing in the years since.

Santos, who at the beginning of October announced the return of the 36-year-old Brazilian striker, terminated his contract. The decision came shortly afterward following pressure from the conviction of sexual assault he received in Italy. Robinho denied the accusations in 2014 when the news broke that he was being investigated for rape. It’s not the first time he was accused of such a crime.

In 2009, Robinho was investigated by the police for an alleged rape at a nightclub in Leeds while playing for Manchester City. He was released on bail after being questioned and denied those charges too.

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