Thursday, June 20

Rai appointed as Member of Province Sports Board

By a Staff Reporter

The former vice-captain of Nepal National Football team Sandip Rai has been appointed as a member of the Provincial Sports Development Board of Province No. 1.

Province 1 Social Development Minister Rajan Rai appointed Sandip as the member of the Province Sports Development Board on Thursday. Sandip, a permanent resident of Duhabi, Sunasari played professional football from Three Star Club for a long time.

Sandip stated that appointing a person from the relevant field to the board is something we should appreciate. “Being a former athlete, the field of sports is not new to me. I am aware of the current state of sports and it will be easy for me to understand other new things related to sports as well,” said Sandip. “My efforts will be to organize more games in the province and to give the message that the future can be assured in the sports field as well,” he added.

Beside playing from Three Star Club, he also played professional football from Manang Masryangdi Club, NRT and India’s Mohammedan Sporting Club. He debuted from the National Team in 2007. He had scored 3 goals for the nation in his 8 years of playing career.  

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