Tuesday, July 23

Premier League not discussing circuit break amid rise in coronavirus cases

In the midst of a spike in coronavirus cases in the game, the Premier League is not considering the prospect of a circuit break to halt the season.

West Brom manager Sam Allardyce calling for a halt. This halt could drive to try to minimize the number of incidents, however, no club has taken the idea to the league. “When I listen to the news the variant virus transmits quicker than the original virus [so] we can only do the right thing which has a circuit breaker,” Allardyce said after his side’s 5-0 defeat by Leeds.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, however asked questions about the completion of the league which is already so fixture congested. “I can’t see the benefit in having a circuit break, whatever it’s going to be called,” Solskjaer said. “Because when are we going to play the games? We all know this year is so difficult, but I don’t think stopping the games is going to make a big, big change.” Other managers like Chris Wilder, Sean Dyche are also not in favor of a break.

It comes after the Premier League, which insists its medical protocols are rigorous. In its latest round of testing, 18 positive coronavirus tests among players and staff-the highest figure of the season so far. In this round already 2 fixtures have been postponed. There are no talks expected by the government on stopping elite sport. Premier League clubs are not expected to meet again until January, with at least 14 clubs needing to agree on a decision to pause the season.

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