Saturday, May 18

Pandey’s appointment is not against the statute: ANFA

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu – The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has clarified that it did not breach ANFA statute while appointing Navin Pandey as the chief of the international department of the football governing body of Nepal.

Issuing a statement on Monday, ANFA made it clear that it did not breach ANFA statute while appointing Pandey to the post. The first meeting of the newly-elected executive committee of ANFA had appointed Pandey as the head of the international department of ANFA.

The decision had courted controversy following allegation that his appointment was against the statute. ANFA said that Clause 3 A of Article 24 of the ANFA statute clearly mentions that a non-resident Nepali cannot be elected or appointed to any executive post in ANFA or provincial and district football associations but there is an international practice of appointing foreign nationals as coaches, chief coaches, and technicians as well as other posts for developing international relations. Therefore, Pandey’s appointment does not breach ANFA statute, reads the statement.

ANFA further said that Pandey will not receive any salary or facilities from ANFA and will fulfill his responsibilities voluntarily.

A new executive committee of ANFA headed by Pankaj Bikram Nembang was elected about a week ago. Pandey was appointed chief of the international committee of ANFA four years ago when Karma Chiring Sherpa was elected the president of ANFA back then. However, Pandey resigned from the post eight months later.

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