Wednesday, June 19

NVA to Investigate Manhandling Incident

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu – The Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) has announced that it will launch an investigation into an incident of player manhandling spectators that occurred during the ongoing 7th PM Cup NVA National League at NSC Covered Hall on Monday.

During an emergency executive committee meeting held on Monday evening, a 5-member investigation committee was formed under the coordination of NVA’s General Secretary and Tournament Coordinator, Roshan Shrestha. The committee has been tasked with submitting a report by Asar 30th, as informed by Shrestha.

The committee comprises NVA’s Secretary Sunkeshari Mali, Treasurer Shyamakrishna Shrestha, and members Anju Shrestha and Junu Pun. “The association is taking today’s incident very seriously,” stated General Secretary Shrestha. “Starting tomorrow, the number of security personnel will also be increased,” he added.

General Secretary Shrestha further revealed that Gandaki Province and a supporter have filed a petition with the association, demanding action against the army player involved. “Gandaki Province and a spectator have submitted a petition, specifying the name of the player who manhandled them, and demanding appropriate action.” He went on saying “We will thoroughly investigate all the issues and compile a comprehensive report.”

In a highly tense match, Army defeated Gandaki Pradesh with a score of 3-0. The match, held at the National Sports Council (NSC) Covered Hall in Tripureshwar, concluded with scores of 25-19, 26-24, and an intense 33-31 in favor of the Army team.

When the Army team was trailing 23-24, a spike hit by a Gandaki player was ruled out by the referee, resulting in a tied score of 24-24. The dispute arose when the Gandaki players claimed that they had been interfered with by the Army players during their attempt to block the spike.

Protesting the referee’s decision, the Gandaki players expressed their dissatisfaction. Simultaneously, a supporter threw a bottle at the Army team on the court, prompting the Army players to confront and manhandle the supporter in the audience area.

The incident of Army players approaching the audience and engaging in a physical altercation was captured and broadcast live. Consequently, the game was suspended for half an hour until Nepal Police and association officials managed to restore calm and resume the match.

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