Friday, May 24

NVA Imposes Six-Month Ban on Dhana Following Manhandling Incident

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu – The Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) has made a decisive move by imposing a six-month ban on Dhana Bahadur Bhatta, a spiker from the Tribhuvan Army Club. The ban comes as a consequence of Bhatta’s involvement in an altercation with a supporter during a match.

In addition to Bhatta, the NVA has also handed three-month bans to Rajendra Bista and Dhanapati Kunwar, both from the Army. Consequently, these three players will be ineligible to participate in any national or international tournaments, as confirmed by Roshan Shrestha, the General Secretary of the NVA.

The incident occurred during the 7th PM Cup Women’s and Men’s National Volleyball Club League match between Tribhuvan Army Club and Gandaki Province on Monday. Following the incident, a five-member investigation committee was formed, which subsequently submitted a report. Based on the committee’s findings, the NVA’s performance committee convened a meeting on Saturday and decided to take action against the players involved.

Speaking about the incident, Roshan Shrestha mentioned that the committee also recommended the association to prioritize security arrangements to ensure the safety of players, spectators, and all individuals involved in volleyball.

Furthermore, the referees of the disputed match, Chitra Gurung and Anil Rana, have also faced consequences. They have been prohibited from serving as referees in the club championship and club league. The investigation committee, coordinated by Roshan Shrestha, comprised Secretary Sunkeshari Mali, Treasurer Shyamakrishna Shrestha, and members Anju Shrestha and Junu Pun.

When the Army team was trailing 23-24, a spike hit by a Gandaki player was ruled out by the referee, resulting in a tied score of 24-24. The dispute arose when the Gandaki players claimed that they had been interfered with by the Army players during their attempt to block the spike. Meanwhile, the incident escalated as the Army players struggled to contain themselves when spectators from the stands threw bottles and provoked them.

In the midst of the chaos, Dhana Bahadur attempted to punch the spectator. The incident significantly weakened the Army team, which was considered a top contender for the title. Subsequently, the Army suffered defeats of 3-0 against Nepal Police Club and 3-1 against Help Nepal, resulting in their elimination from the competition.

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