Friday, December 8

Nepalgunj Marathon granted with AIMS Membership

By a Staff Reporter

Nepalgunj Marathon has been granted with the membership of the highest body of world marathons, the Association of International Marathon and Distance Race (AIMS).

The eighth edition of the Nepalgunj Marathon, scheduled to be held on 10th December, received AIMS certification for the 42.195 KM marathon, 21.097 KM half marathon, 10 KM, and 5 KM races in September.

AIMS granted the Nepalgunj Marathon membership as it completed all the required qualifications. Nepalgunj Marathon received the certificate of Membership signed off by AIMS president Paco Borao last week.

The Nepalgunj Marathon consists of ten different categories. In the competition, men’s marathon (42.195 km), women’s half marathon (21 km), 10 km men’s open, 5 km women’s open, 5 km school level students, 3 km school level students, kids run (8 to 12 years old), 2 km corporate run, 1 km tricycle and walkathon are included. School-level races will be held within Banke district students only.

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