Tuesday, April 16

National Sports Council Distributes Cash Prize to 9th National Game Gold Medalists

Kathmandu – The National Sports Council (NSC) has finally distributed cash prizes to the gold medalists of the 9th National Games, which took place seven months ago in Gandaki Province.

According to a statement released by the NSC on Thursday, the council has distributed a total of NPR 1 crore 42 lakhs 20 thousand to the gold medalists, and the amount has been transferred to their respective bank accounts.

The NSC had previously announced that it would award NPR 1 crore 56 lakh 40 thousand to the gold medalists for a total of 840 gold medals. However, only NPR 1 crore 42 lakh 20 thousand has been distributed to the players’ accounts for 764 gold medals so far.

The Economic Administration Branch under the NSC reported that NPR 14 lakhs 20 thousand for 76 gold medals have not been distributed due to difficulties in verifying the players’ accounts.

During the 9th National Games, the NSC had announced cash prizes of NPR 25,000 for individual gold medal winners and NPR 15,000 for gold medal winners in team events.

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