Sunday, April 21

Member Secretary Ghising provides financial support for players welfare fund

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu –National Sports Council’s Member Secretary Tanka Lal Ghising has provided financial support to the National Players’ Welfare Fund. Ghising on Monday handed a cheque of Rs 209,114 to the Member Secretary of the fund Deepak Shrestha, who is also the president of Nepal National and International Players Association (NNIPA).

Member Secretary Ghising provided the amount equivalent to four months of his salary to the fund. The Government of Nepal had appointed Ghising as the member secretary of NSC about five months ago on November 29, 2021. However, Ghising was unable to attend office for four months after then then Member Secretary Ramesh Bista filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court annulled the writ filed by Bista on April 5, paving the way for Ghising to return back to office.

During the cheque handover ceremony, Ghising said he felt uneasy to take the salary of the period when he was absent from office. “Therefore, I want to contribute the amount for the welfare of the players even though it is not a significant amount,” said Ghising.

He added that he has prepared a work plan to strengthen the fund and urged every one to support whatever they can.

Meanwhile, NNIPA president Shrestha said that Ghising’s decision to provide financial support would also inspire others to do the same.

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