Tuesday, July 16

Manchester United vs Liverpool postponed amid fan protests

Manchester United vs Liverpool at Old Trafford has been postponed until further notice. It’s not because of Covid-19 situation but due to fans protest.

Hundreds of fans entered the stadium about an hour prior to the match and made a statement against the owners. The fans were at the stadium for about 10 minutes, did their job and then left.

No interference was seen in the dressing room due to the protests but the match was postponed due to security reasons. The demonstrations were so violent that police determined the game was no longer safe for the players or anybody else involved. There was also a risk of conflict, as clashes between supporters and police became more violent.

United’s timetable would have to take precedence here because they are the busier of the two squads. Since they only have one open spot on their schedule in the weekend of May 15. For this to take place Liverpool’s game against West Bromwich Albion will have to be rescheduled for May 12.

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