Sunday, December 3

Kul Bahadur Thapa given administrative powers of NSC

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu – The Ministry of Youth and Sports had delegated authority to National Sports Council Vice President Shiva Koirala a day after handing the administrative and financial responsibilities to executive officer Kul Bahadur Thapa.

Assuming his responsibilities on Thursday, Thapa said he would forward all the stalled works in the absence of the member secretary of the sports governing body.

“The immediate need at the moment is physical infrastructure. Infrastructure development has come to a standstill. I will resume the works,” said Thapa after assuming his new role.

“I will insure infrastructure development and training for the national players for the upcoming Asian Games and the Ninth National Games. I will forward all the works that were pending in the absence of NSC member secretary,” added Thapa.

Recalling that he has spent 28 years at the National Sports Council, Thapa said he is aware of all the problems faced by the sports governing body.

“I will try to bridge the gap caused due to the lack of laws, regulations, policies and try to coordinate with the ministry to sort out the problems,” he further said.

Thapa also thanked the government for trusting him and giving his the new responsibilities.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports had on Wednesday authorized Thapa to exercise administrative and financial authority in the absence of member secretary of NSC.

Likewise, the ministry has delegated powers to Vice President Shiva Koirala under Section 12 (B) of the National Sports Development Act 2077.

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