Wednesday, December 6

Klopp misses mother’s funeral

Due to strict quarantine rules in England, Klopp was unable to go to Germany to attend his mother’s funeral.

Klopp paid an emotional tribute to Elisabeth after her death, aged 81. But due to concerns of transmitting Covid-19 strains from high-risk countries, it is known that he could not attend the funeral in person in his native Germany.

“She meant everything to me. She was a real mum in the best sense of the word,” Klopp told German newspaper Schwarzwaelder Bote. “As a devout Christian, I know she is in a better place now.

“The fact that I can’t be at the funeral is due to the terrible times, but as soon as the circumstances allow, we will hold a wonderful commemoration that is appropriate to it.”

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s mother, Dolors Sala Carrió, also died aged 82 from coronavirus last April in the early days of the pandemic.

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