Sunday, April 14

Khadka and Shahi demands dismissal of Pande

By a Staff Reporter

The second Executive Committee meeting of the All Nepal Football Association – ANFA rescheduled for today got halted without entering into the agenda.

As the Senior Vice President Bir Bahadur Khadka and other members refused to sign the attendance sheet, the meeting got halted without entering in the agenda as informed by the Vice President of ANFA Dirgha Bahadur KC.

“We signed up for the attendance. But some of the members including the Senior Vice President refused. The meeting was about to commence without their signature but he did not agree to begin the meeting without every attendees signature. Then the president decided to halt the meeting.” KC informed.

Senior Vice President Bir Bahadur Khadka, Vice president duo Birat Jung Shahi and Deepak Khatiwada along with 12 members showed their dissatisfaction regarding the decisions made in the first exco meeting and refused to sign in the attendance sheet of today’s meeting which then resulted on discontinuation of meeting. They submitted a petition to President Pankaj Bikram Nembang to dismiss some of the appointments made from the first exco meeting. Alongwith Khadka, Shahi and Khatiwada, the petition was signed by members Mahendra Chhetri, Bikash Narayan Shrestha, Purushottam Thapa, Bhojraj Shahi, Rabindra Chand, Anil Malla, Sarila Shrestha, Tika Lama and Bharat Budh Thapa. They said that the appointment of Head of International Nabin Pande was against the constitution of the association.

Both Khadka and Shahi were elected from the panel of Nembang. Both are considered to be close with former ANFA president Ganesh Thapa. Although Thapa and Nembang groups had a healthy relationship before the election, rift occurred between them after the appointments made by exco in their first meeting. Therefore, three groups have been formed in the ANFA Executive Committee now.

Earlier, the meeting was scheduled to take place on Monday, but it was postponed following the health condition of President Nembang. 18 agendas were set to take into consideration in today’s meeting. 

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