Friday, December 8

Khadak named new champion of Nepalgunj Marathon

By a Staff Reporter

Nepalgunj – Khadak Singh Khadka of Tribhuvan Army Club won the title of the 8th Nepalgunj Marathon completing the distance in 2 hours 20 minutes and 28 seconds here at Nepalgunj.

Competing in 7 previous editions, Khadak earned his first title coming in the 8th. He managed to complete fourth in the 7th edition of the Nepalgunj Marathon.

Narendra Rawat, the runner-up of the previous edition completed the distance 2 minutes 1 second after Khadak did i.e. 2 hours 22 minutes and 29 seconds. Moreover, Mohan Dev Joshi took 2 hours 24 minutes, and 36 seconds to finish third.

Furthermore, Santoshi Shrestha of Bagmati Pradesh secured first in the Women’s Half-Marathon clocking 1 hour 16 minutes, and 41 seconds. Anjali Chauhan of India, settled the distance behind Santoshi clocking 1 hour 25 minutes and 15 seconds. Moreover, Anju Khadka took 1 hour 36 minutes, and 44 seconds to accomplish the half-marathon third.

Champion Khadak pocketed 1 Lakh 50 thousand along with a gold medal and certificate. Similarly, Narendra and Mohan received a cash prize of NRs. 60,000 and NRs. 30,000 respectively with a medal and certificate.

The half-marathon winner Santoshi received NRs. 60,000 cash prize along with a medal and certificate. Similarly, Anjali and Anju earned NRs. 30,000 and NRs. 15,000 respectively.

In 5KM Women’s Open, Rajpura Pachhai secured first, Ram Maya Buda named runners-up and Bimala Karki became third. NRs. 20,000, NRs. 10,000 and NRs. 7,000 were rewarded to the first, second, and third respectively.

In the 40KM Men’s Open, Mukesh Pal crowned champion, Bhuwan Rana named second, and Sunil Ramjali Magar came third. NRs. 30,000, NRs. 15,000 and NRs. 10,000 were rewarded to the first, second, and third respectively.

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