Monday, April 15

Investigation committee submits Report

Kathmandu : The investigation committee formed by the National Sports Council (NSC) to resolves the controversy in football has submitted the report after two weeks. The committee concluded that national football team coach Abdullah Almutairi should improve his conduct.

NSC formed an investigation committee under the coordination of Purendra Bikram Lakhe after the dispute between ANFA vice-chairman Pankaj Bikram Nembang and Almutairi escalated. The report was submitted to NSC Member Secretary Ramesh Silwal on Wednesday. The report includes 11-point directive suggestions that Almutairi should improve his practical conduct, activate ANFA’s departments and resolve internal disputes within ANFA.

As the said incident escalated, it became a major controversy in football. The controversy escalated after Almutairi dragged senior vice president Nembang into his dispute with two journalists. The controversy erupted when two media workers questioned Almutairi about smoking outside the ANFA compound.

Almutairi announced his resignation on Facebook with the intention of making it difficult for him to work due to senior vice president Nembang. Almutairi had been claiming that Nembang was involved in the incident with the media. Nembang strongly objected to this and demanded an investigation against Almutairi. Almutairi also demanded an investigation against Nembang and two journalists.

The committee has come to the conclusion that it is necessary to improve the practical conduct by dragging Nembang into the controversy by naming Almutairi. After ANFA itself failed to resolve internal disputes, NSC had to form an investigation committee through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The committee has suggested NSC give instructions to Almutairi to remove the post from his Facebook. Almutairi should only perform the work as per the agreement made with ANFA and should not do any work that could create controversy in the coming days and should not be targeted on any person, official, official, journalist or any other person on social media. It is mentioned in the suggestion.

The committee has said that if the media personnel have to interview or get an opinion from, they should contact ANFA’s information officer or manager only with prior permission.

The committee has said that the manager should play a responsible role in conveying the grievances and problems of the coaches to the concerned bodies immediately and ANFA should make arrangements to ensure the safety of its coaches. Regarding the dispute with the media persons, the committee has suggested that NSC should give instructions to resolve the dispute within seven days.

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