Sunday, April 21

Inter unable to pay Achraf’s fee to Real Madrid

Inter negotiated with Real Madrid on a EUR 45 million fee for last summer’s signing of Achraf Hakimi. And the Moroccan full-back is making a fine start to life in Italy.

The Serie A giants are struggling to pay Los Blancos the first installment they owe. Even the largest clubs in Europe are coping with the economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus measures. And Inter is now renegotiating with Real Madrid to make the first payment in the Achraf contract in March instead of January.

According to La Repubblica, Inter has been economically hit hard and will try to pay the first EUR 10 million payment by 30 March. The club also owes its July and August 2020 bonuses to its players bonuses. Both Inter CEOs Beppe Marotta and Alessandro Antonello agree to make those payments before February 16, and the same commitment was made for payments in November and December.

According to current legislation in Italy, failure to pay these unpaid debts could result in Inter being deducted points, and that is what the club’s directors are trying to avoid at all costs.

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