Tuesday, July 16

Indian Coach Law banned for a season

By a Staff Reporter

Biratnagar City FC’s Indian Coach Yan Law has been handed a season long ban for his actions during the Nepal Super League (NSL) 2021 match against Lalitpur City FC.

Organizer of NSL, Nepal Sports and Events Management (NSEM) on Wednesday released a statement after several discussion with All Nepal Football Assocation and review of Match Commissioner’s Report.

The decision comes after unsportsmanlike conduct from Biratangar dugoutt in Match 19 of Nepal Super League 2021 played on the 8th of May between Lalitpur City FC & Biratnagar City FC. Law along with his assistant and officials asked the team to leave the pitch after conceding second goal in the match. The match halted for 7 minutes but resumed after the player went into the pitch after request from ANFA Officials. Only Pedro Manzi and Santosh Tamang of Biratnagar stayed on the pitch.

The officials were furious with the referee’s decision in first half and vented their frustrations with foul mouthing against the officials. Law had been constantly criticizing referees in the lead up to the game. Biratnagar went on to lose the match 4-0 hence ending their chances of getting a playoff spot.

The NSEM has decided to make following decisions :

Biratnagar City FC to be fined a sum of NPR 100,000 for their indiscipline and lack of sportsmanship resulting in halt of play during the match. The management was responsible for encouraging the players to leave the ground in between play and attempted to forfeit the match without completion.

Mr Yan Law to be fined a sum of NPR 50,000 and to be served a 1 season ban from NSL for representing any team in any capacity. This action has been taken as the investigation concluded that he was the main person responsible for instigating the players to leave the ground during their match. He was also clearly seen crossing the touchline during the match which is unacceptable. His constant use of abusive language and lack of respect towards the officials was clearly evident and is not tolerated in modern day football.

Mr Sonam Ghale (Technical director), Nishan Shrestha (Assistant Coach) & Milan Gurung (Assistant Manager) who were present in the Biratnagar City FC dugout to be served a 3 match ban in NSL for their lack of discipline and their role in promoting the players to leave the ground resulting in halt of play.

In addition to above mentioned actions ANFA will further investigate the incident and take action as they may deem necessary.

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