Tuesday, April 16

Indian Academy to cover Tamang’s training expenses

By a Staff Reporter

Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy (TSG) has announced that it will cover all of the training expenses of Amateur golfer Subash Tamang. Double gold winner of 13th South Asian Games, Mr. Tamang has been training in the academy for last two weeks in preparation of Asian Games.

TSG Academy is India’s first professional golf, sports science and educational institution based in Bangalore, India. Golfer Tamang along with another young golfer Sadbhav Acharya had joined TSG Academy a month ago for training. Tamang initially joined academy for three months after Nepal Golf Association assured to cover all his expenses. Acharya meanwhile enrolled for two year’s course on his own.

Coming from a very economically challenged family in a remote part of Lalitpur district, Tamang has won many tournaments at the Asian amateur level and is currently ranked 112 in the world.  TSG Academy announced in their social media that it was amazed by the performance of Tamang and to ensure that money does not become a barrier for Tamang to become the best, it will cover up all the training expenses of him.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to support all his training costs at the academy for the foreseeable future and will be raising money every year to do that. TSG will work with the NGA to ensure that money does not become a barrier for this amazing young man to become the best that he can be,” TSG has mentioned in its Facebook page.

Subash training at Tarun Sardesai Golf Academy. (Pic: TSG Academy)

Tamang was initially awarded 50% scholarship for 3 months. Even with scholarship, his training cost of 6 lakhs rupees was covered by NGA. Later, National Sports Council (NSC) and Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC) had promised to cover their shares on the cost amount.

After three months, Subash and Sadbhav will be participating in the Asia Pacific Amateur Golf Championship. The event will be held in Thailand from 27 to 30 October. The Nepal Golf Association aims to add more medals in South Asian Games (SAG) and Asian Games from these players. 

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