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Humagain in control of the Church Boys’ dugout violating regulations

Church Boys United Football Club has appointed Pradip Humagain, American Citizen as the Head Coach for the Martyr’s Memorial ‘A’ Division League. However, due to the unavailability of his work permit, the club has fooled the All Nepal Football Association by registering him as a “Team Official” instead of his appointed role. As per ANFA, the club Head Coach position remains vacant.

Humagain, being an American Citizen needs work permit to professionally coach in Nepal. Humagain, who had been residing in the United States of America for almost a decade got American Citizenship in the first week of April 2020 through an extraordinary quota (special talent).

As per Clause 4 (a) of Labor Act, 1991, foreigners must receive a work permit before applying for jobs in Nepal. Moreover, according to the Non-Resident Nepali Act, 2008 states that any non-resident Nepali who falls under the definition of a foreign citizen of Nepalese origin can be employed in Nepal only if they have obtained a non-tourist visa and a work permit from the Department of Labor (DOL).

Humagain returned back to Nepal in August last year to serve as the caretaker head coach of the Nepal National Football team for a friendly match against Bangladesh. Nepal, led by Humagain defeated Bangladesh 3-0, all thanks to the hat trick from Anjan Bista. Humagain didn’t return to America and has been residing in Nepal since then.

Church Boys United Football Club reached an agreement with Humagain as the Head Coach of their first team only a few days prior to the league. The club welcomed Humagain after they lost to Machhindra FC in KP Oli Cup which concluded in the capital, last week. Previously, the club were preparing for the league without a head coach.

Humagain was introduced as the Head Coach of Church Boys United at the League’s Pre-Match Press Conference at ANFA premises on Thursday. When asked Humagain regarding his work permit, he said “Club has started the process for my work permit. It is on its way.”

Humagain working as the head coach without work permit is illicit. Sources suggest that the club first tried to register Humagain as the Head Coach, but upon being asked to produce his work permit, the club was unable to do so. Subsequently, the club registered the the AFC ‘A’ Licensed Coach Humagain as the Team Official.

According to the club’s president Tanka Lal Rai, “After consulting with ANFA, we have registered Humagain as the Team Official. We were informed that we can only register him as the head coach once we receive his work permit, which is why we failed to do so initially.”

Rai added, “We have already initiated the process for his work permit, and it is anticipated to be completed by Friday. Once that is done, he will be registered as the Head Coach, and until then, he will remain as the Team Official.”

Hence, Humagain currently working with the club is unlawful.

During Church Boy’s first match of the league against Nepal Police Club at Chyasal Stadium, Humagain was seen directing his team from the technical area. The Match Commissioner requested the club to present Humagain’s work permit before allowing him to remain in the dugout. In response, the club stated that ANFA had already authorized his presence in the dugout even without a work permit.

According to League Director Sanjeeb Mishra, ANFA granted permission for Humagain to be listed as a Team Official after the club submitted a volunteer agreement document with Humagain through FIFA Connect. But there is no option to upload club official documents in FIFA Connect. The ANFA has implemented the FIFA Connect program for the first time, which assists member associations (MAs) in registering all their stakeholders systematically and monitoring players, coaches, and referees worldwide.

“Humagain being NRN, needs Work Permit to be registered as the head coach. Due to this, we have accepted him as the team official in form of a volunteer, meaning he shall agree not to take any salaries with the club”, Mishra stated.

Mishra assumed that the club uploaded all the required documents in FIFA Connect. “I have not reviewed all the documents yet, but the club must upload every document in FIFA Connect, and they may have uploaded Humagain’s documents as well”, Mishra mentioned. Although Mishra appeared unsure about the legitimacy of registering Humagain as a Team Official.

Church Boys began their A Division League campaign without a registered head coach as required by the league regulations. According to the regulations, clubs can register up to 10 officials, which must mandatorily include a head coach, assistant coach, goalkeeper coach, manager, and physiotherapist or doctor. However, Church Boys failed to comply with this rule and entered the field without a head coach.

In addition, Church Boys have also violated league regulations by registering Ramesh Dangal as their assistant coach. The league mandates that the assistant coach must hold at least an AFC ‘C’ License, but Dangal has only completed the ANFA Community course, which does not meet the criteria for an assistant coach.

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