Wednesday, February 28

Himalaya Sports Management (HSS) & Complete Sports Solution (CSS), India Sign An Agreement

By a Staff Reporter

Himalaya Sports Management Pvt. Ltd (HSM) and Complete Sports Solution (CSS India) have signed an agreement at a ceremony in Kathmandu. As mentioned in the agreement, HSM, with the support of CSS, will facilitate local clubs in establishing collaborations and connections with foreign sports clubs in Nepal.

The contract was signed by Sahitya Raj Shrestha, Director of Himalaya Sports Management Pvt. Ltd (HSM), and Dipti Ummat, Managing Director representing Complete Sports Solution (CSS India).

Under this collaboration, HSM will act as the coordinator for Nepali clubs, schools, and colleges, working to organize training sessions and competitions as part of international sports programs. In addition to that, the partnership will assist foreign clubs in arranging competitions in Nepal with local sports clubs and academies.

CSS India, a subsidiary of CSS UK based in London, boasts directors with extensive expertise in European sports, particularly football. HSM, in association with CSS, plans to arrange sports tours for Nepali clubs, schools, and teams, enabling them to engage in football, cricket, and basketball matches against European and international counterparts. Such competitions are expected to significantly contribute to elevating the skill level of young Nepali players.

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