Wednesday, February 28

FIFA Referee List Released For 2024

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu (HamroKhelkud) – Referee Shyam Danuwar, alongside assistant referees Harish Karki, Prakash Bhujel, and Merina Dhimal, has earned a coveted spot on the FIFA Referee List from Nepal for the year 2024.

The recently released FIFA referee list for 2024 features a total of 12 referees from Nepal, maintaining the same number as the previous year. However, changes include Shyam Danuwar’s elevation to FIFA referee status and the exclusion of Prakash Nath Shrestha from the FIFA list.

Chitwan’s Prakash Bhujel and Kathmandu’s Harish Karki have replaced the late Bikram Chaudhary and Yunal Malla, who migrated to Australia, as assistant referees. On the women’s side, Merina Dhimal from APF has assumed the role of FIFA assistant referee, succeeding Radhika Shakya.

Prajwol Chhetri, Nabindra Maharjan, and Kabin Byanjankar will continue their roles as FIFA referees, since 2023. Among the women referees, Anjana Rai maintains her position as a FIFA referee. Assistant referees Naniram Thapa, Madhav Khatri, Kishan Kanhaiya Yadav, and Sahadev Shrestha also continue their roles from the previous year.

2024 FIFA Referee List from Nepal (Date of Appointment):

FIFA Referees (5) : Nabindra Maharjan (2016), Kabin Byanjankar (2018), Prajwol Chhetri (2021), Anjana Rai (2021), Shyam Danuwar (2024)

FIFA Assistant Referees (7): Naniram Thapa (2011), Madhav Khatri (2016), Sahadev Shrestha (2019), Kishan Kanhaiya Yadav (2021), Prakash Bhujel (2024), Merina Dhimal (2024), Harish Karki (2024)

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