Tuesday, July 16

Everton’s new stadium approved

Plans for a new 52,000-seater stadium have been approved by Everton FC for approval. Everton hopes to play games as early as 2024 at the Bramley-Moore Dock site. A report by the Liverpool City Council recommended that planning authorization be given at a meeting on 23 February.

Everton, who have been at Goodison Park since 1892. They said in the Council report that he needed a new ground to “keep pace with Premier League competitors and prosper”. With almost all of the other competitors having new stadiums or increased seating capacity stadiums, Everton had felt they weren’t keeping upto the pace.

Under the plans, up to four pop concerts a year as well as weddings, funerals, Christmas parties and conferences will be held on the 52,888-seater site, which will cost an estimated £ 500m.

Meanwhile Goodison Park will be renovated like Arsenal’s Highbury. Everton said Goodison Park will be transformed into “high-quality, affordable housing, a multi-purpose health centre, community-led retail and leisure spaces and a youth enterprise zone”.

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