Tuesday, July 9

Brazil winger Emerson Carioca handed EIGHT-match ban

Brazillian football Emerson Carioca was given an eight-game ban for starting a riot over his naked goal celebration.

The ban came after scoring a dramatic winner against Marica to send Sampaio Correa into the Carioca Championship. The 25-year-old bizarrely had taken off his top and lowered his shorts. The winger showed his bottom and waved at opposition players with his genitals-sparking an on-pitch brawl.

Emerson was also given an eight-game suspension for his actions, despite leaving Sampaio Correa to join Portuguesa Carioca. The disciplinary panel of the league reported that he was engaged in ‘some conduct contrary to sports discipline or ethics’ as well as ‘participating during a match in a brawl, confrontation or chaos.’

Meanwhile, when Marica’s players and coaches racially abused him in recent matches, Emerson said he responded in that manner. “Emerson claimed: “For the past three matches I have played against them, Marica’s people have been slandering me. A slob, an addict and a fat ape, they’ve called me. “I was annoyed at what went on.”

I want to ask forgiveness from the fans of Sampaio Correa, my teammates, and also from the fans of Marica, the players, and anyone who loves soccer. In both matches, I was seriously provoked. The people were shouting at me in the stands and showing me a lot of bull****, and I crossed the line. “It was not premeditated.”

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