Wednesday, February 28

BCCI to grant equal match allowance to men and women cricketers

By a Staff Reporter

The world’s richest cricket board, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), decided to grant equal match allowance to both its women and men cricketers.

The board meeting of BCCI on Thursday decided to grant equal match allowance to the members of its both men’s and women’s cricket teams, meaning women cricketers will also now receive a match allowance of 15 Lakhs INR per Test match. Similarly, they will purse 6 Lakhs INR per ODI match and 3 Lakhs INR per T20i.

The decision made India the second country after New Zealand to grant the equal match allowance. Men’s Players of grade A+ who are under contract with BCCI have been receiving a salary of 7 crores INR per annum. Similarly, A-grade players get 5 crores INR, B-grade players 3, and C-grade players earn 1 crore per annum.

On the women’s side, the A-grade players under contract with BCCI have been pursing 5 million INR, B-grade players have been getting 3 million INR and the C-grade players have been receiving 1 million INR per annum.

Nepali Player’s salary and Match Fee:

In the context of Nepal, men cricketers who feature in ODIs get NRs. 10,000 women crickets receive NRs. 5,000. However, the ODI allowance doesn’t apply to the women’s squad as they are yet to receive ODI recognition.

In the T20i match, the men’s squad has been receiving an allowance of NRs. 5,000 each and the women’s squad has been receiving NRs. 3,000 each.

The men’s A-grade players have been pursing NRs. 60,000 salary per month. B-grade players get NRs. 50,000 and C-grade players get NRs. 40,000 per month. Meanwhile, the women’s A-grade players get NRs. 21,000, B grade players receive NRs. 18,000 and C-grade players get NRs. 15,000 per month.

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