Wednesday, July 24

ANFA Executive Committee meeting postponed as President Nembang got indisposed

By a Staff Reporter

The All Nepal Football Association – ANFA’s executive committee meeting scheduled for today got postponed until further notice. The postponement came after ANFA President Pankaj Bikram Nembang got admitted to hospital due to poor health.

As per Kiran Rai, the General Secretary of ANFA, Nembang was immediately taken to Medicity Hospital in Lalitpur as the President felt uneasy. After the initial test, it showed that his blood pressure was elevated. He had to stay under observation for 6 hours to undergo further tests. After which General Secretary Rai informed that the meeting had to be postponed forcefully until further notice.

The first meeting of the executive committee elected on June 20 took place on June 23 which then appointed the General Secretary, Treasurer and Head of the Foreign Affairs Department. It was understood that some more appointments were going to be made from today’s meeting. There were a total 17 numbers of agendas for the meeting.

Earlier, General Secretary Kiran Rai sent 12 agenda to executive committee members via email on July 8. Later, Vice President Deepak Khatiwada and Dirga Bahadur (Kumar) KC demanded to add 5 more. ANFA’s President Nembang permitted to present them in the meeting. 

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