Wednesday, July 24

Almutairi announces his resignation for the third time in 525 days

By a Staff Reporter

Nepal National Football Team’s head coach Abdullah Almutairi announced that he has stepped down from his job for the third time in 525 days.

The All Nepal Football Association appointed Almutairi as the head coach of the Men’s Football Team on April 4, 2022. Almutairi, who has been a matter of dispute throughout his tenure announced that he is resigning from his post for the first time on July 25, 2021. In a Facebook status, he wrote that he is resigning as the then Senior Vice President and current President of ANFA Pankaj Bikram Nembang was becoming a barrier in his work not letting him work freely.

On October 13, Almutrairi stated that the SAFF final will be his last match as Nepal coach. “The final will be my last match as Nepal coach. I will never come back to Nepal,” said the Kuwaiti at a post-match conference of the SAFF Championship after a 1-1 draw against Bangladesh. It is learned that he had penned down a new contract with ANFA for 3 years before announcing his second resignation. Later he came back to Nepal after spending a few days with his family in Kuwait and signed the term extension agreement with the ANFA on October 28.

After two fake resignations, Almutairi announced that he has ended his tenure as coach of the Nepal national team through his Facebook handle for the third time on Sunday.  

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