Friday, April 19

Aaha Rara Gold Cup in Profit

Pokhara (Hamro Khelkud) – Almost 28 Lakhs has been saved from the last edition of Aaha Rara Gold Cup. While declaring the budget for the upcoming 15th edition, Sahara Club informed about the total savings of 2 lakhs 78 thousand Rupees. Sahara Club has also been running the Sahara Academy in Pokhara.

Aaha Rara Gold Cup was held in the Pokhara Rangashala from 4 to 15 Magh last year. Club advisor and finance collection sub-committee’s coordinator Tika Bahadur Karki informed that among 97 Lakhs 10 thousand 7 hundred 65 rupees of income, 69 Lakhs 32 thousand 5 hundred 75 rupees was invested in organizing the 11 day-long competition.

This profit was a slight decline compared with the previous editions. In the 14th edition, the club had saved 35 Lakhs rupees. According to Finance Coordinator Karki, 41 Lakhs 50 thousand 3 hundred and 70 Rupees were the income from the tickets. This included 39 Lakhs 82 thousand 3 hundred 70 Rupees from the Gate ticket and 1 Lakh 68 thousand from the seasonal ticket.

The income includes 22 Lakhs 6 thousand 55 Rupees from Banner and Financial support, 11 Lakhs from main sponsor Rara noodles, 2 Lakhs 97 thousand 5 hundred from sub-sponsor Micro Max Mobile, 2 Lakhs 55 thousand from Gorkha Brewery, 1 Lakhs 55 thousand from Prithvi Highway bus entrepreneurs committee and 1 Lakh 60 thousand from Nova Shudh and Taaja Dudh.

Similarly, according to Karki, 24 Lakhs 26 thousand 9 hundred 64 Rupees was spent for player’s daily tour cost and match money. Likewise, other expenses included 8 Lakhs 52 thousand Rupees for encouragement, 6 Lakhs 83 thousand 1 hundred 2 Rupees for the preparation of the organizing team, 3 Lakhs 28 thousand 7 hundred 90 Rupees for promotion, 4 Lakhs 7 thousand 9 hundred 75 for referee cost, 5 Lakhs 60 thousand 5 hundred 70 Rupees for Ground, stage and Parapet management whereas hospitality expenses included 2 Lakhs 33 thousand Rupees.

Including a few teams from Nepal, a single team each from USA, Bangladesh and India had participated in the tournament. Laxmi Hyundai Manang Marsyangdi had won the Aaha Rara Gold Cup trophy. According to Club President Bir Bhadra Acharya, the savings from the tournament will be spent on feeding and nutrition of the children at Sahara Academy.

According to secretary Keshav Raj Baral, there are 28 children from the poor and the disadvantaged class of 16 districts. The club said that annually about 22 Lakhs Rupees was required to run the Academy.

According to Acharya, the trust which has been established for the sustainable management of the Academy has a collection of Rs. 1 crore 25 Lakhs. He said the club aims to collect 2 crores in the trust. Aaha Rara Gold Cup’s main sponsor Himshri Funds’ President Surya Bahadur KC said that due to the good work of the Sahara Club, they are continuously supporting them.


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