Thursday, April 18

9th National Games – NSC to provide Rs. 2000 daily allowance for athletes

By a Staff Reporter

Players and officials participating in the 9th National Games will receive a daily allowance of Rs 2,000 during the period of tournament. The 113th board meeting of National Sports Council (NSC) held under the chairmanship of Youth and Sports Minister Maheshwar Gahatraj took the decision on Sunday.

The annual plan, program and budget of NSC for the fiscal year 2079/80 have also been approved by the meeting as informed by NSC. The meeting has decided to provide the necessary budget to provinces for the selection of players. Participating teams have to register the number of players by August 31st and their names by September 10. Each team can register upto 339 female and 369 male players.

36 games will be included in the 9th National Games to be held in Pokhara from October 14 to October 20. 11 teams will compete in 407 events. The gold medalist in the individual event will receive prize money of Rs. 25,000 and the team event gold medalist will receive prize money of Rs. 15,000 whereas national record breakers will be rewarded with Rs 50,000.

Similarly, the meeting decided that the original trophy of the 9th National Games will be revealed by the Prime Minister and will be displayed in the headquarters of all the seven province and three departmental teams. NSC has also formed a committee to prepare regulations related to its employee service and conditions under the coordination of its member Prakash Kusari.

Furthermore, a committee has been formed under the coordination of Anjan Dhamala for verifying the physical infrastructure and property. Similarly, NSC has also decided to send the employees working under the council to the provincial sports structure to work until other arrangements.

NSC has also decided to arrange budget and commence preparations for the the 14th South Asian Games (SAG) to be held in 2023, the 19th Asian Games to be held in 2023, the Paris Olympics to be held in 2024, the Winter Olympics to be held in 2026 and the Dakar Youth Olympic Games to be held in 2026. In addition, the meeting formed the O&M survey committee and decided to construct a sports hostel and establish NSC fitness center at Mulpani. 

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