Thursday, May 23

9-men Sankata beats 10-men APF

By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu – Sankata Club emerged victorious against Nepal APF Club by a score of 1-0 in the ongoing Martyr’s Memorial ‘A’ Division League at Chaysal Stadium on Sunday. Despite being down to 9 players, Sankata Club managed to hold their ground against APF’s 10 men and clinched the match with Junior Onguene Nkengue’s goal.

The match was delayed by 27 minutes due to a clash in the jersey colors of Sankata Club’s goalkeeper, Tikendra Thapa, and APF’s field players. However, the match eventually commenced after Tikendra changed into a Polo T-shirt.

In the 29th minute, Junior Onguene took Sankata into a lead with a penalty kick, earned after Ayush Ghalan was brought down by APF’s Adama Doumbia inside the penalty box.

The second half of the game saw a flurry of yellow and red cards being issued by the match referee, Nabindra Maharjan.

In the 69th minute, both Dipesh Dhimal from APF and Manish Dangi from Sankata were sent off with their second yellow card after a scuffle between the two players.

Andre Thierry Biyik from Sankata was also booked with two yellow cards consecutively in the 75th and 76th minute, ultimately leading to his expulsion from the match after using rough language toward the referee.

The win helped Sankata Club climb to the 4th position in the league standings with 15 points from 9 matches, while Nepal APF Club remained in the 9th position with 11 points.

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